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We provide knife sharpening service for Hinsdale, Oakbrook, Westmont, Darien, Clarendon Hills, Western Springs, La Grange, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Naperville, Aurora and most of the Western Suburbs

 John's Sharpening Service is dedicated to making your Kitchen Knives, Scissors, Lawn Mower Blades and Garden Tools the very best they can be! Like New or Sharper!
We use only the highest quality and state of the art sharpening equipment along with traditional methods from around the world. We combine our expertise and knowledge that dates back over thirty years of working with knives.

Every knife or tool is meticulously sharpened , then honed to perfection and Thoroughly Checked for Sharpness before it's ready to be returned our customers. 
We Guarantee our Work! 


Sharpener Sharpening on a wet grinder
Why Sharp Matters. . . 
Chefs Knife

You have probably heard that a Sharp Knife is Safer then a dull

one - Right?

So You Say... How Can That Be?


Here are the facts. A Sharp Knife requires less force and less work. The knife with a Sharp edge is more predictible, more controlable and less tiresome to work with. A well maintained sharp knife cuts clean through that onion, tomato or fine piece of meat. The chances of your hand slipping, causing injury is greatly diminished. Insteat of smashing the food with a dull knife your slicing it with ease and less effort.


Many Top Chefs say that food prepared with a sharp knife actually tastes better because less juices are lost.


When cutting meat, a sharp knife means making less cuts to the meat reducing the chances of getting cut.    

Chef Slicing a tomatoe
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